Refer a Friend and earn FREE stuff!


Here's where it pays to know people.


The kindest compliments we receive are referrals from our customers and we sincerely thank you for your business!


We want to reward you for your recommendations, so we are offering an incentive plan.


By telling your friends about Rite Clik Computers, you earn free stuff!


USB DRives

Refer a friend to Rite Clik Computers and when they use any of our services, you'll get a $10 credit towards service work, OR a free 4 GB Flash drive! *


You can even save the credits up and get a larger flash drive. (1 credit = 4GB drive, 3 credits = 8GB drive, 5 credits = 16GB drive.)


It's our way of saying thank you for sharing the benefits of Rite Clik Computers with your friends. Refer as many new customers as you want - if 10 people sign up, you get $100 credit or pick and choose flash drives & credit. It's that simple.


Just supply your name and your friend's name and contact information using the coupon below (print this webpage) or by using the supplied PDF file (see right side bar) which you can download and print out.

Once your friend completes a service call with RITE CLIK Computers, have them submit this coupon. We look forward to helping you and your friends.




Your Name: ______________________________


has referred you to RITE CLIK Computers.


Please present this coupon during your service call with us so that your friend may receive a $10 credit. Thank you!


Friend's Name: _________________________________________


Referrer's Name: _________________________________________


Referrer's Address: _________________________________________


City: _______________________ Postal Code: ____________


Referrer's Phone #: _____ - _____ - _________





* This offer is an incentive plan for introducing NEW customers to Rite Clik Computers. Existing customers do not count as a referral.

Download Your Referral Form


We have created a PDF file* of the Referral Form.


Simply Rite Clik the icon below, then click 'save target as' .. then choose a location to save the file.


Download REferral Form

New Customer Referral Form


Then print out a copy and fill it in!




*PDF Files either need Adobe Reader or our recommended reader, FOXIT Reader.


If you don't have either of these programs, you can grab FOXIT Reader FREE from this link.






Or.. you can get Adobe Reader FREE from this link!



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