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If your computer is Crashing, Freezing or Infected, we can help!



The Bad News


There are many reasons why a computer might crash or freeze.


The most common problems are:


* Corrupted programs

* Hardware issues

* Viruses


And in some cases, we just find an overzealous internet security suite is to blame.


These issues can cause anything from sluggish peformance to complete shut down of your system and/or loss of your valuable data!


The Good News

Most of these issues can be remedied relatively quickly, providing it isn't left too long. So what ever the reason, don't ignore your computer if it starts misbehaving or crashing.


You could spend your hard-earned money at over priced big name service companies like ...well, you know who, but you won't get the personal service and care a smaller company provides!


Have you ever walked through the computer section at those huge stores? Did you feel alone and confused? Were you scared you'd buy the wrong computer? Now that you have a computer, are you sure you made the right decision? Who do you ask for help? Those big stores just don't care.


At RITE CLIK Computers, we are here to answer your questions. We can fix your computer, often on the spot! We can also help you set up your computer and we offer on-site training in Windows or any other programs you might find confusing.


So don’t let technology confuse you, make the RITE choice, and find out why our customers are happy to recommend us to their friends and relatives. Call us today!


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Mobile Computer Repair


We fix your computer at your home or office!


If you prefer the convenience and comfort of staying at your home or office while your computer issues are resolved, then try out our On-site Service.


There's no need for you to pack up your computer, while trying to remember which wires go where.


Its not necessary to drive for miles to 'those other guys' where pimply faced kids sneer at you for not knowing what DNS means or for having a computer that is more than 6 months old!


We have the knowledge and the experience to get you running again smoothly, usually within the first hour, while also taking the time to explain what we are doing!


Give us a call today, and set aside some time for that computer that does so much for you everyday. :)






Call us at:

705 340-3406